DAT - Decision Aids for Tunnelling

The DAT software is tailored for Risk Assessments in Tunnelling.

Starting from the Geological and Construction related Uncertainties, DAT compute the probabilistic distributions of the resulting

These results allow realistic Risk assessments and probabilistic comparizons of variants.

The DAT can be used in all phases of a Tunnelling project:

and by all participants:

The input, with the related uncertainties, is obtained in collaboration with the project Geologists and Engineers.

The DAT have been developed by Herbert Einstein and his team at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), by Jean-Paul Dudt et al. at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland), and by Claude Indermitte (both MIT and EPFL).

They have been successfully applied in many tunnelling projects, like:

Example Base Tunnel Lyon-Torino

Time Cost Scattergram

Time Way diagram